About Edda Gonzalez

Edda Gonzalez, since its launch in 2005 in Panama, has been synonymous with elegance and a profound connection to femininity, its Panamanian roots, and Latin American versatility.

The brand is known for its ability to balance tradition and humanity with luxury and innovation through its ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and designer lines, where everything from gala dresses and custom-made shirts to comfortable and sophisticated beachwear is crafted, reflecting its commitment to a diverse and democratic fashion landscape.

The central aesthetic of Edda Gonzalez is characterized by its sleek lines that stand out, contributing to a refined and contemporary appearance.

There is a notable emphasis on handcrafted finishes and cuts, demonstrating a commitment to skilled craftsmanship. Each piece showcases attention to detail and precision in tailoring, reflected in clean seams, precise fits, and an overall sense of artisanal luxury.